Today, the vast majority of projects use agile methodologies, but as sprints pass, it becomes increasingly difficult to perform regressions. Fortunately, automated testing exists!

Imagine having to test new features in a sprint and then having to run 500 test cases in a 2-week cycle. This is a huge workload for manual QA, but there is a solution: automation.

As we saw in the note on agile methodologies, the most used today is scrum, since it allows to make an evolving software sprint after sprint and deliver to the customer small advances of their system.

In the middle of a sprint, QAs have to write test cases, execute them, and report bugs that occur during the process. These cases are used to test new features or changes to the system. These tasks take up most of the sprint.

Over time, the system tends to grow, so regression (executing ALL test cases) takes up a lot of sprint time. This is where Automation comes in.

This tool allows you to schedule the execution of all test cases without having to do it manually one by one.

Many QA’s are afraid to start automating because they think they need to know how to code, and that is true, but not entirely. There is software that is a recorder, it records a sequence of steps and saves them for future use. What is usually done is to record different sequences of an application and then execute them automatically, saving manual execution time.

Katalon is one of the most widely used software on the market today. Since it is a recorder, it is not necessary to write a single line of code. It is important to clarify that it is not the best option when it comes to automation, but it is the fastest when implementing a solution with people who have no programming knowledge. For more sophisticated or complex cases, it is advisable to use other technologies such as Cypress or Autoc0de.

One of the many advantages of automation is that the tests can be run at night and the results are available the next day, first thing in the morning. 

In conclusion, it has been demonstrated that this tool significantly reduces the time and effort required to execute test cases.