The journey toward digital transformation within an organization requires analysis and reflection. Often, the solutions available in the market seem to address problems, but as a side effect, they create new challenges during implementation. Technology should become a strategic ally in your company by directly solving the issues that affect it. The Discovery process helps to understand the client’s needs, identify opportunities, and minimize potential deviations.

What is a Discovery?

A “discovery” is a research and exploration process designed to identify problems and opportunities and define the requirements and objectives of a tailored technological solution.

The primary goal of discovery is to understand customers’ needs and expectations, identify pain points, and determine the requirements to address them. The process provides a solid foundation to avoid deviations and errors in the later stages of the project, enabling the creation of effective and successful solutions upon implementation.

What are the phases of a Discovery?

When starting a Discovery process, we carry out three phases to identify the business challenges and develop a proposed solution.

Exploration and Information Gathering

In the first phase, we conduct a collaborative analysis with the client to listen to and understand their needs. The obtained data is analyzed, and we define the addressable challenges. From this, we review findings and patterns and identify improvement opportunities, which we use to propose a solution.

Scope and Requirements Definition

In this second phase, we define the project’s scope and requirements. Collaboration with the technical team is essential to design and prototype the client-facing proposal. This process involves starting with the challenge at hand. With all this information, we define the project timelines, technical feasibility, and necessary resources for execution.

Proposal Validation

Finally, the proposal is validated with the client to make necessary adjustments and ensure the solution is viable and meets their expectations. This process facilitates starting the project with a solid foundation aligned with the client’s needs.

At Siltium, we design a flexible and collaborative discovery process that adapts as the project progresses. We work closely with the client to understand and improve their processes in digital transformation. Embarking on this journey means discovering growth opportunities and exploring new horizons to strengthen your business with technological innovation.